Thing 6: Organizing and Saving Content Online

Evernote and Pocket!  My two new best friends!!  These are awesome.  I am all about technology that is easy to learn and use, makes my life simpler and reduces stress.  These two do just that!

Evernote was easy to get started with.  I want to get it installed on my personal computer and ipad, but for now I used it to save some things that were on my desktop at work.  My desktop is neater and cleaner already.

Pocket I added as both an app and extension.  I think I like the extension better for now as it lets me just click on the icon when I am on a website and it automatically saves it.  I was having trouble figuring out what to do with the app version.  Pocket will be super when I am travelling and find something I like but want to read later.   I will be adding it to my personal devices too!

I know some of my colleagues also use Evernote, and with its sharing function I can see that it will also be a great tool to communicate and share ideas, conference notes, etc.



Things 3-5: Screencast-o-matic

Well, I’m not sure if I am suffering from a bad case of spring fever or what.  But I have taken a much-too-long vacation from this Jeepney.

Thing 3 involved Mind Maps.  I played with both programs and really enjoyed them.  I never got them uploaded, though, for anyone to see.

Thing 4 – Kahoot – was frustrating.  I was having a hard time figuring out WHEN or WHERE I would ever use this….so my attitude wasn’t stellar to begin with.  😉  So in the interest of keeping some of this alive, I decided to skip it and move on.

Thing 5 – Screencast-o-matic!  Now that was fun!  And super easy to learn to use.  I did, as usual, something with cats.  I wish I could think of more professional uses for some of these applications, but it is just too late in the year.  New and improved isn’t happening in May!

Thing 2: Chrome Apps and Extensions

Wow!  This activity was really helpful.  I decided to make personal relevance a priority over professional use as I try to make new technology enjoyable rather than scary.  In this Thing, I found more Apps than Extensions that were really fun.  I had never gone into the Google Store before so I was pleasantly surprised by all of the free offerings.

For APPS, I installed Currency Converter, TweetDeck, Solitaire, Wine Maps, Singapore Bus Routes and Cooking Recipes.  Of these, TweetDeck has the most potential for professional use.  I created a Twitter account during our PD day in February, and this app has immediate applicability.  For solitaire, this one is slower and not as good as the one that Apple has for iphones and ipads.  Wine Maps and Cooking Recipes are just fun!  Wine Maps has all kinds of links to other websites, tours, etc.  It will be very useful for future trip planning.  The Singapore Bus Routes is wonderful!  You can zoom in close to see not only bus numbers, but each of the stops and the overall route for that particular bus.  I think it will be particularly useful next school year.

For EXTENSIONS, I installed Clock, Ads Blocked, Clearly, Cookies, Thesaurus and Cooking Converter.  I installed quite a few others, but when I tried to use them I found them to not be as helpful as I first thought or just too difficult to learn.  So I learned how to get rid of them! The Cookies and Ads Blocked are just nice to have as kind of behind-the-scenes workers.  The Thesaurus definitely has application to school.  It seems to only work on websites…..not word documents.  But it also includes sections on quotes and translations among others.  It will be nice to use throughout the year, but will be especially useful in the fall semester during rec letter writing season.

My APPS and EXTENSIONS are personal, so applicability to others would really be based on interest for most of them.  However, TweetDeck and Thesaurus would both be helpful to students and staff.  I think that Clearly could also be in that category, but I haven’t played with it enough yet to see how much I will like it.  I installed it based on Alicia’s demo!

Thing 1: Voice Thread

Whew!  Got a semblance of a voice thread finished.  I have to admit that trying to learn this today and do a draft was HARD.  It didn’t help that there were tons of interruptions.  But whew!  I finally decided I would come home and do something fun with it.  I think after playing around a bit more and getting comfortable that I can now look to ways to use it professionally.  

So here it is.  The first voice thread.  Didn’t even know something called voice thread was around a couple of days ago….so I guess this IS progress!  😉



I’m a high school counselor at ISM, working with students in grades 11 and 12.  Technology is critical in education, although I must admit it very quickly takes me out of my comfort zone!

Really hard to say what is my favorite place in the Philippines.  Palawan is lovely, as is Subic.  And if you catch Tagaytay on a cool, breezy day……it doesn’t get much better.